Several committees at Point Hope United Methodist Church (UMC) help oversee the life of the Church:

  • Trustees Committee – oversees our building and property so that the church is a welcoming place for all that come through our doors.
  • Staff Parish Relations Committee – works with our staff so that the Pastor and other staff members are meeting the needs of both the congregation and the greater community.
  • Administrative Council – guides the vision of Point Hope UMC.
  • Worship Committee – makes sure we are prepared for worship each week and collaborates with the Pastor to put together the order of worship.
  • Education Committee – focuses on providing opportunities for people of all ages at Point Hope UMC to learn more about the Bible and Jesus Christ. This includes Sunday School, children’s classes and VBS.
  • Finance Committee – works to make sure we are being faithful stewards of God’s gifts.
  • Evangelism Missions Team (EMT) – mobilizes the congregation to be God’s loving presence in the world and helps to spread the word about Point Hope UMC to the Mount Pleasant community.