Dear Point Hope!

The love of God is all around us if we just have eyes to see and ears to hear! It is my prayer that this week you will know the love of God as we prepare to study The 5 Love Languages in 4 weeks. Reading one of the books, and tuning into this series will help improve all of our relationships. By nature, we are self-centered and tend to believe that everyone is (or should be) like us. This new series will help us all realize that we each give and receive love differently, and being God-centered and other-centered will help us live as God’s people at peace with one another and with God.

An update on our building: This week, we hope to have the Sunday School hallway completed with a new office. Next week we hope to have the cabinets installed and the appliances working in our new kitchen space in the Gathering Area. Very exciting!

So many thanks to those of you who cam at 9:30 a.m. to hear the sermon and then went off to work with our kids. It is wonderful to see so many little kids at Point Hope.

Please consider coming to Discover Point Hope this Sunday after church if you are new to our community or if you are not a member but have been in our community for a while. I’d love to have you. Email Megan at so we will have enough lunch for everyone.

Have a great week!

In Christ, Elizabeth