Dear Point Hope Family,

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. Honestly, this is really all I can say. My first Holy Week at Point Hope was truly amazing. We had a tremendous increase in attendance. We doubled our attendance for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday from last year to this year and we had 100 more people on Easter than last year! What a blessing and I know that we ministered to many people who don’t go to church regularly. THANK YOU. What a wonderful celebration of all that Christ has done and is doing for us.

I know for some of you, these are just “numbers” but for me they are people so I will share a more personal story: someone shared with me that their son’s family, which is a young family (spouse and child), is thinking of joining Point Hope. This really speaks to our kids ministry and the ministry to young families that we are building. This is just one example of the way we ministered to people inside and outside of our church this week.

Looking to ourĀ new sermon series, there is no book, but I wanted to share we will be going through theĀ Apostles Creed as a church in this next series. This upcoming sermon will affirm that God is the “creator of heaven and earth,” and yet so often we paint a picture of God that is far too small. This series will encourage us to recognize our own limitations and not be too quick to cram God into a box in the shape of our own prejudices or keep God on a shelf, to be taken down only when we need Him.

I continue to be amazed at God’s faithfulness and provision to me personally and to Point Hope. It is my prayer that we will truly stand in awe and wonder of God as we study what we believe about Him.

Thank you again for everyone who literally served every day last week! You are such a blessing and it was wonderful sharing Holy Week with you.

Much Love and Peace,

Pastor Elizabeth