Dear Friends,

Sunday was another great Sunday at Point Hope! I cannot begin to thank all of you that contributed so much to what happened on Sunday in worship and last week at VBS: Amazing!

It is very true that we as a church family mourn with those who mourn and celebrate with those who celebrate. On Monday I got to mourn with a constituent who recently lost her daughter. It was a sad time but also a valuable time. After I left her, I got to celebrate with a family who just had their second son. Congratulations to the McFadden family on the birth of their son Kole. (I hope I spelled this correctly) Please see Kole’s picture below with the strong hands of his dad Kevin holding him.

One of the beautiful treasures of being a pastor is being with families during significant moments: moments of birth, moments of death, and moments of significant change such as baptisms, graduations, or marriages. All these moments and changes are simply a part of life and collectively they are incredibly beautiful. At Point Hope we are preparing for a big change: our contemporary service. There will be things that are lost, but there is so much more to be gained.

I believe that growing people change and sometimes this hurts. I believe that growing churches change and sometimes this is painful. Thank you all so much for being willing to change and grow for being change agents in our congregation and our community.

It is my prayer that we celebrate this change together and that we change and grow we will become more of who God is calling us to be individually and to our community.

God’s joy and peace in the middle of this change!

In Him,
Pastor Elizabeth