Dear Point Hope Family,

Wasn’t last week’s Generosity Story amazing? I makes me very excited when I hear about Point Hope’s past. Clearly, the Tillers have been generous with their time and money so that Point Hope can be where we are today. And I know there are so many of you that have sacrificed and given so much of your lives to this church. THANK YOU for laying such a solid foundation for us. We are grounded in God’s love here through your generosity.

This week you will be getting a letter from Tim Walter, our generosity chair, who will be challenging you to think about how you want to support Point Hope this year. I know you will prayerfully respond in light of God’s love and grace. I cannot believe all that God has done this year and all that he is going to do in and through each of you here at Point Hope UMC.

We continue to lift up those in our congregation who are struggling physically and emotionally. We pray for God’s mighty hand to move in their lives and bring healing and peace.

As we look to this week, we are going to look to the future! We are going to celebrate all that has happened this year in kids and student ministry and we are going to bless ALL of our students. teachers, and administrators as they head back to school. Don’t forget your backpacks! But even if you do, we will still pray for you!

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday,
Pastor Elizabeth