Dear Point Hope,

Surprise! It’s not Pastor Elizabeth this week. I’m honored to have the opportunity to send you my greetings today as your Director of Kid’s Ministries! No worries, no Spanish this time!

I’m still cherishing our last Sunday Service! What an answer to prayer to have our Worship Team complete with such a talented accompanist. Thank you for your warm reception of Ramiro and his wife Sara.

Have you noticed how our space changes so rapidly from one week to another one? As I step back and think about this rapid transformation, I see your love languages in display! I see the encouragement, the time, the many acts of service and your generosity. Even though it is an ongoing process and there is still much more to do, today, I would like to pause and celebrate what we do have: a functional Education Hallway, with four classrooms serving students from Nursery to Adults!

A lot of your time, skills and resources have made this possible. Teachers, kids, young and adult students are currently enjoying the new layout. Thank you for investing yourself in such an important endeavor. We need each other and you are always welcome to contact me at if you would like to share an idea to continue to improve the new space, or volunteer some time to accomplish additional tasks. If you have time this week, we have several projects we need help with such as moving some furniture, gluing the new whiteboards onto the walls and more. Contact me or Megan in the office at if you’re able to help.

There are more exciting things coming up! This Sunday, Feb. 24, be sure to make plans to stay after the service for the “Have a Heart for Missions” luncheon. Bring a favorite international dish to share (American is fine too!). Let’s support our own Karey Breen, Lauren Karinshak and Sarah Beth Sullivan on their upcoming mission trips.

Also, the Dudley family is hosting a planning meeting from 5 – 7 p.m. THIS SUNDy for high schoolers that would like to be involved with the student ministry. PARENTS are welcome to attend as well. We encourage all of your ideas!

I’m looking forward to worshipping with you this Sunday and enjoy another great lesson on the Love Language series.


Evelyn Persinger